Dragi Istekovci,

LK Atina nam predstavlja IMV pod nazivom Boozecamp – Loutraki Royale koji će se održati nakon prvog T.O.O.L. Boostcamp-a, i to od 8. do 10. decembra. Rok za prijavu je 31. oktobar i to putem sledećeg linka. Participacija za ovaj događaj iznosi 55€. Ukoliko imate bilo kakvih pitanja možete mi se obratiti.
Ukoliko još uvek nemate nalog na eestec.net, uputstvo za registraciju možete pronaći ovde.
U nastavku vam šaljem originalni mejl LK Atina.
Organizing LC: Athens

Event: Boozecamp – Loutraki Royale

Event type: IMW

Dates: 08.12.2017 – 10.12.2017

Number of participants: 32

Participation fee: 55€

Deadline for application: 31.10.2017, 23:59 CET

Applications: https://eestec.net/events/boozecamp-loutraki-royale

E-mail for contact: athens@eestec.net


LC Athens will celebrate the successful organizing of the first T.O.O.L Boostcamp and every EESTECer is invited. After the end of the Boostcamp, we will leave Athens and head south-west towards the coastal area of Loutraki for 3 days of Boosting, emphasizing on party skills.

Loutraki, located about 80km away from the center of Athens, is well-known for hosting one of the largest and most luxurious casinos in Europe. However, since people under 21 years are not allowed to enter the original place, we are just going to host our own gaming nights with a lot of booze -duh-, games and EESTEC spirit! All these + food, accommodation and transportation to and from Loutraki are included in the fee of 55,00€.

Don’t lose the chance to feel like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and APPLY now for a both hard-to-forget and hard-to-remember weekend. Among other surprises, you will taste our special drink: LoutRaki Martini with -what else- Greek Raki!

It’s important to carry your license to rakill ;)

WARNING!! You have to arrive in Athens on Friday, 8th of December, no later than 2 p.m. We will return to Athens on Sunday, 10th of December around 5 p.m., so you should leave after 8 p.m.

PS: Boostcamp participants also need to apply. Fee for them is just 20,00€