Hello EESTECers! It’s been a long time you’ve heard about LC Gdańsk, a way too long time. So, the time has come for you to hear about our magnificent city! Let yourself dive between its picturesque streets and inhale the freedom Gdańsk has in the air, as it’s known in Poland as the city of freedom. Discover the magic of Baltic sea in the city that became the first domino piece that tumbled the Iron Curtain. As no good IMW happens without parties – we’ve prepared something special for you! Celebrate the sixth birthday of our commitment in nearby Sopot – often called the Polish capital of partying – and by the richness and craziness of clubs alone rightfully so – after getting familiar with our famous national treasure – the one and only Soplica! So don’t think a moment more, apply to Gdańsk and let y’all stories made during our IMW be heard among all EESTECers! The prize of IMW is 50€ and includes food, attractions and public transport in Gdańsk and Sopot. We will host you in our private locations.