Hello Dear EESTECers, Lc Izmir is back with a great event ! We are hoping to boost your Chirstmas mood and offer you a pre-Christmas holiday that you can rarely see in your life. You will feel Lc Izmir energy and friendliness all around and the Şirince wine in your belly as you were in one of the oldest cities of mankind. Even the Mayans have a legend about Şirince it had been said that in 21.12.2012 the apocalypse was coming but the village of Şirince was not going to be effected from it. You will have a great combination of memories from historic tours in Mathematics village to worldwide known Şirince wine, walks in the dazzling Anatolian culture to our suprises for you in suprise night activities. This event will definately be the best gift that we can give to you before Santa does it in Christmas. As Lc Izmir we are waiting for you and want to have this amazing combination of memories together as the EESTEC family. Hope to see you in an event full of fun, history, Christmas spirit, wine and love!!!