Dragi Istekovci,

Konačno je pušten poziv za učesnike prvog izdanja novog operativnog događaja AIM (Annual International Meeting) koji će se održati u Atini od 15. do 21. jula ove godine.
AIM je događaj osmišljen sa ciljem da okupi najaktivnije Istekovce koji rade na internacionali, tokom kojeg će oni raditi na poboljšanju raznih aspekata Udruženja i pripremi strategija za internacionalne timove.

Prijave su otvorene do 25. maja, a sve detalje možete pročitati u nastavku.


Call for Participants for 1st EESTEC Annual International Meeting (AIM)

Organizer: EESTEC Board in cooperation with LC Athens

Dates: 15-21 July 2018

Number of Places: 14

Deadline to Apply: 25.05.2018

Application form: Here

Application: Send your form to board[at]eestec[dot]net with subject “[AIM][Name Surname] – Application for AIM”

Dear EESTECers,

the 1st edition of EESTEC Annual International Meeting will be happening on 15-21 of July with the cooperation of LC Athens, who have been already working hard to prepare an amazing environment for this event.

Why would I want to participate in AIM?

Participating in this event gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with the most experienced EESTECers on the International level. You will have a chance to affect the future of our Association and improve it.

At this event, the most active BATCAMs will gather in order to put their ideas and their experiences and help the future generations to work easier and without repeating their mistakes. We expect you to be present and participate actively in the working sessions.

From experience…

Being a participant in this type of event will be a memorable experience. You can shape the future of our Association because our future is the ideas and the guidelines which will be produced by this event. It will be you, who will write this future and it will be you, who will have the control how impactful the outcomes of this event will be. That is why you have to give your best, so the result will be the best possible.

Application process

If you are up for the challenge and wish to contribute to the future of our team, fill the >>application form<< carefully and seriously and send it to board@eestec.net with the subject “[AIM][Name Surname] – Application for AIM” and apply through this link.

Within 24h, the reception of your application will be confirmed. If not – contact us on facebook or private mail.

The deadline for applications is 25th of May 2018.

Selection process

The application form will be the main source of information about why you have to be there! Therefore, try to keep it as concrete as possible, follow the instructions, and put things the most relevant for the position you are applying for.

In the selection process, some of the criteria will be:

  • Experience at the international level,

  • Motivation to participate in the event,

  • Availability after the event,

  • the diversity of the whole team.

  • Geographical balance

  • Gender balance

We are looking forward to seeing your applications!

A new chapter of EESTEC history is waiting to be written! Are you ready to be part of it?