Dragi Istekovci,

LK Kozenca nam sa ponosom predstavlja svoju radionicu RE:PRINT3D koja će se održati u periodu od 14. do 21. maja. Tema radionice je Industrija 4.0 i 3D štampači. Rok za prijavu je 9. april, a možete se prijaviti tako što ćete ovde ostaviti svoje motivaciono pismo, a popunjen formular poslati na board@eestec.etf.rs. Ukoliko se još uvek niste registrovali na eestec.net, uputstvo za registraciju možete pronaći ovde.
U nastavku vam prosleđujem mejl Lokalnog Komiteta Kozenca, a ukoliko imate neke nedoumice, obratite mi se.
Organizing Committee: LC Cosenza
Event Name: RE:PRINT3D
Event Type: Workshop
Dates: 14th May 2017 – 21st May 2017
Number of participants: 10
Participation fee : 0€
Deadline for application: 9 April, 23:59 CET
E-mail for contact: cosenza@eestec.net
Hey awesome people, LC Cosenza is back again and is proud to present its next workshop: RE:PRINT3D From the 14th to the 21th of May you’ll
have the chance to improve your knowledge about Industry 4.0 & 3D printing world!
The term “Industrie 4.0″ originates from a project in the high-tech strategy of the German government, which promotes the computerization of manufacturing.
Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud
Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a “smart factory”. Within the modular structured smart factories, cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes, create a
virtual copy of the physical world and make decentralized decisions. Over the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems communicate and cooperate with each other and
with humans in real time, and via the Internet of Services, both internal and cross-organizational services are offered and used by participants of the value chain.
We will use 3D Printers and will learn the basics of Open Source RepRap model based on Arduino electronic system. Going to the end you will print some plastic part
with the earned skill, and we will have the oppurtunity to visit some working places where these technologies are used.
But our workshop is not only lectures, seminars and guided tours… it also means fun and hospitality for EESTEC students! The event will be placed in Cosenza: beautiful
city full of life, surrounded by mountains and green hills but just half an hour far from the beach.
On a weekend daily trip, we will visit some of our beautiful cities on the coast and maybe have the opportunity to have a swim in May sea, so be ready with your
swimsuits! For the fans of history, the Old City, dominated by the Cathedral and the Castello Svevo, offers an eventful nightlife and entertaining tours around
 its streets and alleys. We even might (who knows?) stumble upon the famous treasure of Alarico, King of the Visigoths, who died in Cosenza (let’s find it, please).
Italy is the right place for food lovers. If you are one of them that’s the opportunity to explore the scents and the tastes of local gastronomy. Do you want a taste?
You should be here! Pizza and spaghetti? You will eat and love them  You will also take part in the Pizza competition and make your own pizza with your favorite
ingredients. Did we forget something? Well, you’ll find a nice surprise at your arrive. What are you waiting for?
Don’t hesitate, apply NOW and start packing your stuff! LC Love (or LC Limoncello) is waiting for you in Cosenza!!