Dragi Istekovci,

Naše komšije iz LK Podgorica pripremile su nam jako zanimljivu radionicu “Multidisciplinary Innovations in Bioinformatics” koja će se održati od 2. do 9. jula. Prijave su otvorene do 26. maja, a sve što treba da uradite je da ostavite motivaciono pismo na sledećem linku, i da popunjen formular pošaljete na board@eestec.etf.rs. Ukoliko još uvek niste registrovani na eestec.net, samo pratite ovo uputstvo.

Ako imate bilo kakvih pitanje slobodno me kontaktirajte. U nastavku vam prosleđujem mejl LK Podgorica.



Organising LC: Podgorica

Event: Multidisciplinary Innovations in Bioinformatics

Event type: Workshop

Dates: 02. 07. 2017. –  09. 07. 2017.

Number of participants: 10

Participation fee: 0€

Deadline for application: 26. 05. 2017., 23:59 CEST

Applications: https://eestec.net/events/multidisciplinary-innovations-in-bioinformatics

E-mail for contact: podgorica@eestec.net


​Dear EESTECers,

Prepare yourselves, because LC Podgorica is back and this time we have something new for you – workshop: „ Multidisciplinary Innovations in Bioinformatics“!

You will have opportunity to learn about the latest ICT technologies in the areas of agriculture, marine biology, environmental monitoring from experts of BIO-ICT Centre of Excellence.

BIO-ICT mission is the development of modular and state-of-the-art BIO-ICT R&D platform in the areas of sustainable agriculture, monitoring of the crops, forest and water/sea ecosystem, development of techniques for controlling and reducing air pollution, analysis and standardization of food products, control of land quality, and improvement in the public health area. It is service oriented with the aim to boost the application and use of the latest ICT technologies in the areas of agriculture, marine biology, environmental monitoring.

Through practical trainings and lectures you will gain knowledge about these topics and you will be able to implement all of that into a specific project.

For seven days you will experience culture and spirit of two beautiful cities in Montenegro – Podgorica and Kotor.

Podgorica, capital city of Montenegro and cultural center, is built amongst five rivers. Interesting architecture, an exciting nightlife, an ample amount of green space, and plenty of historical sights, and more will wait for you! We will visit NP Skadar Lake, Rijeka Crnojevića, Cetinje, Ostrog Monastery…

After five days of lectures in Podgorica, we will have two relaxing days in Kotor. Its breathing beauty will make you speechless. We will also visit mountain Lovćen, which rises on the borders of the Adriatic basin and encircles the long and twisting bays of Boka Kotorska making the hinterland to the coastal town of Kotor. Of course, the inevitable part of our workshop will be cruising, on which you will have opportunity to see all the beauties of Adriatic sea and places that are settled on its coast.

One more important thing. Your best friend here will be Nikšićko beer! It will listen to all your problems and solve it in one sip! If somehow that doesn’t help, you still have Montenegrin wine, rakija, pršuta, kačamak and other traditional food.

So don’t hesitate! You know what to do – apply!

See you in Montenegro!

Best regards!